A Street-Level Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience


Karl albrecht
Chairman, Karl Albrecht International
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Since the early days of “creativity training” and “problem solving,” brain research has vastly enriched our understanding of the human mental process. New research findings with very practical, down-to-earth applications may well revolutionize our  understanding of the ways people think, learn, and perform. Functions like social intelligence; emotional intelligence; practical intelligence; cognitive preference; neuroleadership; design psychology; and subliminal impacts of color, language, and narrative are opening up new ways to approach teaching, learning, and development.

Albrecht will discuss the components of applied cognitive neuroscience; their implications for human development; and how to apply them in your work, career, and personal life.
According to Albrecht, "actually, training /is/ applied cognitive neuroscience, and all learning professionals are aspiring neuroscientists."

About Karl Albrecht

Karl is a management consultant, futurist, speaker, and a prolific author. In his 20-year career he has worked with many kinds of business organizations in a wide range of industries,world-wide. He has consulted with senior executives and lectured to audiences on all inhabited continents. He is the author of more than 25 books on various aspects of business performance.

As Chairman of Karl Albrecht International, he oversees the practical application of his ideas through a consulting group, a seminar firm, and a publishing company.

Karl's book Brain Power is one of the perennial best sellers on creative thinking. It was the basis for a popular training film of the same title, starring actor John Houseman. Karl also pioneered the theory of thinking styles, with his four-style Mindex model. The Mindex profile is widely used in creativity training, executive team building and communication training.

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