Challenge, Immerse and Play: A Masterclass for Effective Learning


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There’s now an amazing array of innovative learning technologies and media approaches available, but each comes with a different value set for our learners and organizations. Some seem exciting, most seem complex, and some just sound like hype. Do you ever wonder if, and how, you should be using them? 

From immersive video, VR and AR, to gaming and gamification, and complex business simulations—deployed in their own right or as part of complex learning blends—it’s important to understand the value of each approach and when you should seriously consider them in your future learning mix.

In this session, LEO Learning experts Andrew Joly, Director of Strategic Design, and Rich Calcutt, Lead Learning Designer, will be joined by PRELOADED’s Hattie Foster, Strategy Director, to explore what, why, when and how to deploy engaging, immersive, challenge- and game-based technologies for effective learning.
Register now to:
●     Explore a range of immersive learning technologies and approaches.
●     Understand the considerations and values around each, plus how to apply them in a business learning context.
●     Get the inside story from LEO Learning and PRELOADED.
●     Challenge the value of these technologies, share your experiences, and make your own mind up!

About Andrew Joly

As Director of Strategic Design, Andrew leads a large consulting faculty at the front line of digital learning and learning innovation in practice. In this role, he focuses on his personal passion: how technology-enabled learning and communications blends can genuinely transform performance and deliver a measured difference to learners, teams, and global organizations today.

About Rich Calcutt

Rich is responsible for creating engaging and memorable experiences that hit business and learning objectives. As a self-confessed gaming addict Rich loves nothing more than designing learning games that give players a great deal of fun, challenge, reward and knowledge. He’s designed training games for global audiences at Visa, Shell, Virgin Media, PwC and KPMG.

About David Arnold

David has a decade of experience in games design. He has a passion for using the power of play to engage, inform and inspire people.

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