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Jack phillips
Chairman, ROI Institute, Inc.
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    Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Wherever we are in the learning and talent development space, we are performance consultants, with or without the “performance consultant” label. This session explores how performance consulting has been integrated into the learning and talent development field. It will also define specific roles, particularly in the four major phases of the learning and talent development cycle.
During the initial analysis phase, when evaluating to implement a program, performance consulting is needed to connect the program with clear business measures, ensure it is the proper solution, and create expectations for success by setting objectives through the impact level.
Performance consulting is used during the second phase, program implementation, to ensure that the participants have not only learned the material but that they use what they have learned on their job and deliver a corresponding impact in performance.
Performance consulting is used during the third phase to ensure credible results. If the performance consulting produced impact, the effects of the program need to be isolated. Additionally, if an ROI calculation is desired, data is converted to money, costs are captured, and ROI is calculated. This phase, including the ROI calculation, is a critical component of performance consulting.
The final phase includes communicating results to key stakeholders and using Black Box Thinking to optimize the results, leading to increased funding.
By adhering to this process, no matter what role you play in the learning and talent development space, you will be equipped to drive organizational growth and increase your program’s success.
After attending the session participants should be able to:
  1. Identify how performance consulting has entered the learning and talent development cycle.
  2. Describe the performance consultant’s role in the learning and talent development cycle.
  3. Explain how performance consulting can help the program deliver results.
  4. Use performance consulting to show the impact and ROI of learning and talent development.

About Jack Phillips, Ph.D.

Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., chairman of the ROI Institute, is a world-renowned expert on accountability, measurement, and evaluation. Phillips provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and major global organizations. The author or editor of more than 75 books, he conducts workshops and presents at conferences throughout the world. Phillips has received several awards for his books and work. The Society for Human Resource Management presented him an award for one of his books and honored a Phillips ROI study with its highest award for creativity. The American Society for Training and Development gave him its highest award, Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Development for his work on ROI. Jack and his wife Patti Phillips were the first recipients of the Center for Talent Reporting’s Distinguished Contributor Award. This award recognized their outstanding and significant contributions in the measurement and management of human capital. Jack’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Fortune magazine. He has been interviewed by several television programs, including CNN. 


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