Write Activities to Make Boring Lectures Disappear!


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You know them.  You’ve sat through them. You’ve felt the pain. Training so lecture laden that you wish you had a magic wand to make it all go away!
Well, NOW you can! We’ll show you how to use your powers for GOOD and change up how you write activities so that your learners will be engaged instead of disengaged.
We’ll give you five activities (alternatives to lecture) that will help you produce high learner involvement and retention! They include:

In this highly interactive session, you learn how to:
  • Write directions and rules of a learning tournament
  • Prepare the learner BEFOREHAND for the learning that is to come
  • Develop information search activities with processing questions
  • Create the components of an observation activity
  • Craft demonstrations with skill performance checklists to be used in the training environment and back on the job

About Jean Barbazette

Jean Barbazette, M.A. is the founder of The Training Clinic, a training consulting firm she began in 1977. The Training Clinic is America's train-the-trainer leader. Jean is the author of "Successful New Employee Orientation" 3rd edition published by Pfeiffer & Co © 2007. Jean contributed three versions of an instrument, Trainer's Style Inventory, in McGraw-Hill's 1996, 1997 and 1999 Training & Development Sourcebook. She is the author of The Trainer's Support Handbook, © 2001 McGraw-Hill Publishers. Her other books published by Pfeiffer include Instant Case Studies © 2003, The Trainer's Journey to Competence © 2005, The Art of Great Training Delivery © 2006, Training Needs Assessment, © 2006, Managing the Training Function for Bottom-Line Results, © 2008.

About Maria Chilcote

Maria Chilcote is Managing Partner of The Training Clinic, a training consulting firm specializing in state-of-the art design, delivery, management and evaluation of training through development and delivery of workshops, certificate programs, on-line courses, publications, training products and job-aids. Since 1977, The Training Clinic has trained over 200,000 people on five continents in train-the-trainer techniques and other topics including interpersonal, sales, management development, communication, administrative and self-management skills workshops.

As a consultant, trainer and designer with over 30 years of experience, Maria specializes in performance consulting, management development, the train-the-trainer process and marketing the training function. Maria has conducted hundreds of workshops for a wide variety of industries including government, retail, manufacturing, hospitality & food service, financial and non-profit. In addition to public and in-house workshops, Maria regularly facilitates webinars, workshops and certificate workshops for Training Magazine and ATD. She is author of many white papers and articles on learning and development best practices. Maria is a very engaging trainer in the classroom, modeling the skills she teaches and blending examples from her breadth of corporate experience with just the right amount of humor!


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