Writing for Learnability: Essentials, Tips, & Hacks


Kim lindsey
Lead Learning Experience Designer, Cinécraft Productions
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“The writing is the hardest part.”  That’s a frequent comment when L&D professionals discuss how we develop training materials. How do you find words that resonate with your learners—words that say enough but not too much—creative words that are “corporate” too—words that keep it simple while building complexity?
Join Award-Winning Learning Experience Designer for Cinecraft productions, Kim Lindsey in a quick-paced quest to find the best words and use them well. Whether you’re a newcomer to L&D or a seasoned professional, you’ll come away with strategies and insights on writing (and some nifty templates too!) that will make your process easier and your output even better than before.
In this session you will learn to:
1. Easily keep mindful of the intended audience for training deliverables
2. Use a conversational tone and an appropriate reading level when writing text and audio scripts
3. Generate written content with increased polish and less effort
Skill level: beginner to seasoned professional

About Kim Lindsey

"Always remember what it's like not to know."  That tagline has embodied Kim Lindsey’s philosophy on writing and information design for over 18 years. Kim is the Lead Learning Experience Designer at Cinécraft Productions Inc. in Cleveland Ohio, where she crafts training for the company’s clients in multiple formats and on a wide range of topics. She is recognized for her unique ability to use both sides of the brain—creative and analytic—to empathize with each audience, then develop materials that meet learners at their own level while effectively addressing the project’s business goals.

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