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Video has always been desirable in training. Now the cost has become affordable enough so that just about anyone can begin exploring learning applications with Virtual Reality (VR). In this session, we’ll discuss the differences several topics to get started with VR including the differences between 360-degree photos (for viewing in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras) and video and 3D spatial environments. Photos and video are the easiest to get started with VR because the cameras cost less than most smartphones and most of the software is open source to prepare media for distribution. There’s more to getting started with VR than acquiring hardware and software, and we’ll look at instructional design approaches for immersive learning and other applications. 

VR can be argued that it is a fad and many learning professionals are suffering from “shiny object syndrome.” VR has been around a long time mostly in the entertainment and gaming industries. Only recently has the hardware and software costs come down where the barrier to entry is not much of a concern today. Unfortunately, L&D professionals often discard the idea of using VR for learning as it is still an emerging technology and it is very early to prove any lasting performance impact. 

At the end of this session, learners will:
  • Learn the difference between 360-degree photos and video and 3D spatial environments
  • Learn about available hardware and software to produce virtual reality experiences
  • Understand the differences between headsets from full immersive experiences to smartphone ready headsets
  • Learn about instructional design approaches for immersive learning applications

About Dr. Kevin Thorn

Kevin Thorn is an award-winning eLearning designer with over 20 years’ experience in the training industry. After retiring from the Army as a trainer, Kevin earned a Technology Management degree in pursuit of an IT career.

Kevin has been a popular trainer of Storyline since the product was released several years ago.

When his interest in technology mashed with his passion for visual design along with his experience in training, he founded NuggetHead Studioz, LLC. The Studioz is a custom design and development company providing services in instructional design, storyboarding, eLearning development, Articulate Storyline training, illustration, graphic design, storytelling, cartooning and comics.

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