Introduction - Microlearning 10 Big Impact Areas
We often hear from learners that "people don’t seem to think anymore or they don’t go the extra mile." What are we doing about it?
Sometimes it feels that knowledge is in a locked drawer or vault. No one can access it.
Are you helping in a crisis situation? What if there is a fire or a risk of violence at the workplace?
Why have many of us forgotten that compliance is about protecting people in many cases? We tend to think of it as a checkbox for rules.
Many businesses are learning that there is money to be made in warranties and post-sales services. However, they also need to control its costs.
Disruptions do happen and when they do, we want workers to respond quickly. However, the speed of their responses depends on the availability of knowledge they can use and act on.
Why wait for whistleblowers? Why not be on alert for broken and things that do not work? Do you know what happened to the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill?
There are rare and narrow expertise areas for which only a few people qualify. The go-to expertise knowledge is locked in the minds of these experts.
It can be very annoying for employees and customers when small bugs, fixes, errors and deficiencies in products and services or processes would require so much attention.
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