Speaker: Chris Karel

From 80-page storyboards that change behavior to one page teaser video scripts, Chris creates to meet the client need. Once words are etched, he specializes in taking the concept to the appropriate screen by leading a production team to create an innovative final product. He is the Video Production Manager at Cinécraft Productions, Cleveland’s longest standing custom learning solution production house.

As a Master Teacher and award-winning Scriptwriter and Producer, he is passionate about using stories to teach skills, motivate purchases, create awareness, and invoke thought. He’s probably the tallest guy in the room, but in a Buddy the Elf kind of way. He’s a father, spouse, coach, chef, sports honk, dog lover, Star Wars geek, and loves most games played with a racket. Smiling is his favorite!


  • Full Name
    Chris Karel
  • Job Title
    Video Production Manager, Cinécraft Productions

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