Speaker: Allan Rust

Allan Rust, Creative Director at ELB Learning, embarked on a diverse journey in the entertainment industry. After studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and USC, he ventured into writing and directing, eventually becoming deeply involved in music as a member of The Blenders. With 15 records and a #1 Billboard hit under his belt, Allan honed his skills in design and marketing while with the group, fostering the growth of his creative consultancy, BrandHyke. Transitioning to roles at Tripp Advertising and Mill Creek Entertainment, he continued to expand his expertise, ultimately landing at The Game Agency (which was acquired by ELB Learning) as Co-Creative Director. Leveraging his multifaceted background, Allan now spearheads innovative projects, drawing from a wealth of experience and resources to drive success.


  • Full Name
    Allan Rust
  • Job Title
    Creative Director


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    ELB Learning

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