Speaker: David Baldwin

David has delivered successful ROI transformational leadership and executive coaching work in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, Kuwait, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UAE and throughout 50 of the United States and territories to more than 25K executive participants. David held a full-time Faculty position with the Center for Creative Leadership and founded Leadership Insight Group LLC (www.LIG360.com). David is certified in over 100 psychometric self-reports, 360 assessment instruments, and online/F2F experiential simulations. He has delivered leadership and team interventions to tribal, non-profit, and two-thirds of clients in the Fortune 100 globally since 1995.

Clients include Amazon, Citi, Dell Technologies, Disney, Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Starbucks, Xerox, the US government, and the military. Over the last couple of decades, David has designed and delivered work in the areas of Leading & Managing Change, Fitness for Leadership, Growing Relationship Acumen (EQ), Influencing Up/Down/Across, Leveraging Conflict, Strategic Decision-Making, Fostering Clear Communication, Vision Casting linked to Business Strategy, Above & Beyond Guest Service, Delivering & Receiving Behavioral Feedback, Creating a “Best Place to Work” Culture, Magnifying Interpersonal Awareness, Navigating Working Globally, Building Effective Teams, Boosting Executive Presence, Living a Thriving Mindset along with facilitating comprehensive 360 assessment feedback using many virtual, blended and in-person platform methods. He has co-written books and articles on influence tactics, communicating vision, and leadership networking. He has also delivered keynotes on these topics around the world.


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    David Baldwin
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    Leadership Insight Group LLC

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