Speaker: Alexa Anthony

Alexa Anthony is Director of Business Development at WellSaid Labs, the leading AI-generated voice provider. WellSaid Labs delivers professional, lifelike voices, perfect for training and educational content, presentations, and individual projects.


  • Full Name
    Alexa Anthony
  • Job Title
    Director of Business Development


  • Name
    Wellsaid Labs

Webinars, Recordings, Resources, Groups, Conference Presentations

 March 02, 2023 - Making Metaverse Learning a Reality - Resource Path2x apply small
 February 27, 2023 - Communicate Better With AI-Driven Animated Videos - Webinar Path2x apply small
 February 10, 2023 - Do More With Less During the Recession by Upskilling Your Young Talent - Resource Path2x apply small
 January 17, 2023 - Making Metaverse Learning a Reality - Webinar Path2x apply small
 December 21, 2022 - Building An AR Learning Experience - Webinar Path2x apply small


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