Speaker: Carol Fahy

Carol is a seasoned executive with over thirty years of experience in both private industry and consulting. Carol has worked with various clients to improve their operation by reducing costs, increasing revenue, and improving efficiency. Carol’s private and consultative career includes working across various industries, such as Health Insurance, Insurance Brokerage, Manufacturing, and Government. Her work has always focused on improving the member experience; especially in the contact center.
Carol is instrumental in defining and executing Zelus’ mission to guide companies in operational strategy development, implementation, learning and change management to deliver sustainable, measurable results. Carol has spent much of her career focused on the improvement of performance operationally through process change, system design and implementation, and people improvement by driving change through training, coaching, and performance management.
The Zelus approach has collaboration at its heart. Carol leads teams to work with clients to evaluate their core operations to precisely appraise business process, organizational design, and management effectiveness to develop actionable, results-oriented business outcomes.
Carol was a member of the Honors Program at Boston College and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She is a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) from ATD.


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