Speaker: Jimbo Clark

Jim Clark was born and raised in Seattle and moved to Taiwan in 1987 where he was given the Chinese name of Jin Bo (金波) which led to the transformation from Jim to Jimbo.

Jimbo’s is the founder of InnoGreat, a consulting firm which focuses on creativity and innovation in the decision making process. He helps leadership teams and organizations solve challenging situations with improved thinking aligned to a shared vision of the future and has worked with more than 40 Fortune 500 companies around the world.

He is the creator of “In & Out of the B❒X,” a process that answers the question, “What happens if we take the phrase ‘Think out of the box’ literally, and put boxes on people’s heads?” With 20,000 brains unboxed by more than 100 certified facilitators, Jimbo is both thought leader and provocateur for mindset change and innovation. 



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