Speaker: Curt Valmy

Curt Valmy is the Chief Communicator of OM-Tech Learning, and as such he has been training trainers for 22+ years. In 2001 he became a foundational member of the CompTIA CTT+ Advisory Board, and soon served as Chair of the committee for 10 years, helping to expand the growth of the certification and contributing to the inception and development of the CompTIA CTT+ Virtual Trainer Certification. He is the co-author with Karen Hyder of the CTT+ courseware Certified Trainer: Building Authentic and Effective Strategies. As a  (CAPP) CompTIA Authorized Partner and in the role as trainer and consultant, he has supported the certification process of over 1,000 CTT+ candidates. OM-Tech Learning became a Microsoft Train the Trainer Center in 1998, and Curt worked closely with the MS Learning Community to help develop the teaching skills of 800+ MCTs. 

He served an adviser, mentor, and coach to individuals, teams and organizations through his work with trainer development and as a Practitioner and Learning Center with Insights© Learning and Development, which has brought him clients from a wide variety of industries, academia and organizations, which has allowed him to work across the US, in Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico & Central America, India and the Middle East.


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    Curt Valmy
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    Chief Communicator


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    OM-Tech Learning

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