CLOSING THE SKILLS GAP - How to Hire Adaptable Talent and Mold Their Skill Sets Through Learning and Development
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Gone are the days when advanced degrees and decades of experience were the only indicators of a stand-out candidate. Today, 80 percent of CEOs seek a much broader range of skills in their company ’s workforce. New research from the Institute for the Future, in conjunction with Cornerstone OnDemand, shows that candidates now must possess not only the technical skills that enable them to engage with constantly evolving technologies, but also the social skills that make them forward-thinking, team-oriented and goal-driven. To attain these skills, workers at every level must become lifelong learners, constantly self-evaluating and finding opportunities to gain new skills.

For employers, hiring or nurturing these workers internally presents challenges. From a recruiting perspective, knowledge gaps are making open positions increasingly difficult to fill. According to a new report from Deloitte Insights, more than half of employers say they consistently can’t fill open positions, because without a minimum number of years experience or the right certifications, applicants are simply not qualified enough on paper. Internal candidates face a similar obstacle—they often lack the skills needed to make the leap to a new role. Still, HR teams have to somehow fill over six million vacant jobs. To do so, they’ll have to rethink not only how they hire, but also how they enable learning and development within their organizations. They’ll have to start evaluating internal and external candidates based on their potential, seeking workers with a combination of soft and hard skills that make them adaptable to change, eager to learn and full of promise.

How can employers identify and nurture these individuals? In this guidebook, you'll learn what to look for in new workers, and how to help your current workforce develop the skills they need to thrive. With seven articles on everything from hiring the most auspicious candidates, to helping employees build skills for stepping into open leadership positions, our featured articles will enable your organization to cultivate your existing team, onboard promising talent and stay ahead of the skills gap by embracing the idea of lifelong learning.

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