The 10 BIGGEST COPYRIGHT MISTAKES Anyone Can Make That Could Land You in Court
by Barbara Ingrassia, President, Manage Copyright

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With the fast faster fastest pace of life today, finding a shortcut can be a big help. And the Internet has opened a world of resources to help us in our personal and professional lives.

But: searching…copying…pasting…sending…
can cause you major problems—maybe even land you in court! 

Content is OWNED by someone.

They OWN the copyright to that content—and can control how it is used.
This includes the exclusive rights to:
  • copy/reproduce
  • distribute
  • create other works from that content
  • display or perform the content publicly
  • give permission to others to use the content in certain ways (often by granting a license for a fee)
  • pursue those who use that content without permission.

Most of us don’t pay attention to the Copyright Law, so we are setting ourselves up for expensive and time-consuming legal nightmares; we could be sued for using someone else’s content and images without their permission.

Getting a letter in the mail from an attorney—who’s not our attorney—makes the heart pound!


Maybe we discover that content we have created has been taken and used by someone else—without our permission. Then we have to pay an attorney to straighten that out.

That could lead to Very costly and time-consuming litigation—and the death of a business.

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