Masters Series Webinar Resource - xAPI - Things are Starting to Heat Up

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xAPI - The training industry is about to get a lot more exciting. And it’s about time. Every other function in our organizations has better data than the training department does. Manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance and logistics all have rich datasets to mine about the leading and lagging indicators of success. Over here in training, we have completions, test scores & questions, and time spent in training, and maybe data from a few other isolated tools. The Experience API, or xAPI (perhaps you know it as the Tin Can Project), affords us the opportunity to leap-frog this situation, giving us not only better data but industry-wide interoperable data like no other function has. 

Learning Objective

  • So, really, what is xAPI? 
  • xAPI vs. SCORM
  • What can I do with xAPI? 
  • Is xAPI here to stay?
  • Should I use xAPI? Now? 
  • Ready to get started? 



Megan torrance
Chief Energy Officer, TorranceLearning

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