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The Compliment - Can't a person make a compliment anymore? This lesson revolves around two office colleagues Roxanne and Tim. Roxanne feels violated whenever Tim compliments her.  When is a compliment not just a compliment?  Is Tim guilty of sexual harassment? Is Roxanne simply paranoid?  Listen and learn from their conversation. 


The Star - The story of John who is a star performer, but causes problems because he refuses to cooperate with his team members. How do you deal with a person like John?


The Little Secret - See the story of Maria, a dutiful office manager. Maria’s management capability is put to the test when she is caught in between adhering to office policy and addressing employee needs. What should Maria do?

“If There is Booze”-  Bill, a manager, is faced with two opposing beliefs in an after-office gathering. Mahad is a team member who cannot drink or even sit at a table where alcoholic drinks are served. Carlo, another member, insists on drinking. How should he promote respect for both team members’ beliefs and rights? Help Bill figure this out.


"Is Age a Problem?" - A case of age discrimination, a company production manager investigates if a supervisor is guilty of age discrimination.

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