They Can't Read Your Mind

They cant read your mind
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"They Can't Read Your Mind" - $3500 Value New eLearning Course. Communications and your workflow can breakdown when expectations are not clear. In this eLearning course, you will learn how to address the most common errors and find opportunities to improve communication achieving the best results from others. 

“They Can't Read Your Mind” topics covered:
  • Maximizing results by effectively communicating expectations and priorities
  • Dealing with team overload
  • Adapting to change
  • Overcoming uncertain priorities
  • How to clearly communicate and be heard
  • Raising levels of commitment
  • Performance appraisals and communicating

The eLearning course is approximately 30 to 40 minutes of study time.

This special benefit offer allows you to:
  • Own a copy of the zipped playback files from the eLearning course
  • Publish the course in your LMS or website
  • Share the course with your company’s employees and clients

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