Survey Report: What is the True State of Employee Learning?

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There are dozens of studies and surveys each year reporting on the “state of the training industry.” With some modest differences, these reports are consistently reporting very similar data. Among the data points routinely reported are the following: annual per employee spending on training, how many hours of training are available to employees, what training areas organizations are emphasizing, the ratio of training budget to overall expenses or payroll, etc. In other words, you can find a myriad of fascinating metrics all telling about the training industry from the organization’s perspective. What about the employees’ perspective?

Aren’t we all supposed to be training employees?

What do they think about the training we are delivering? After all, according to some reports, corporate spending on training in 2014 was expected to top $70 billion. What if that massive annual investment is being sunken into processes, systems and tools that don’t really work? We tried to find data about training effectiveness broadly reported from the employee perspective, and there really is not much, if any, published information available in the market. Therefore, we decided to generate such a report by asking employees what they think.

The report you are about to read is the product of a survey conducted from June 10, 2015 through August 4, 2015 asking employees some basic questions about the training their employers provide. We received 1,821 responses, and 1,002 came from people employed by organizations that are not clients of BizLibrary. The remaining 819 responses came from employees working at BizLibrary client organizations.

Thanks to all.

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