Path2X Evidence-Based Certification for The Training Clinic

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The Training Clinic specializes in state-of-the-art design, delivery and management of training through on-site, public and virtual train the trainer workshops and certifications.
All of our certification programs are evidence-based and require a performance component in which competencies are demonstrated in order to earn certification.

Evidence-Based Certification in Partnership with The Training Clinic

In the past, gaining a certification has been a very viable way to build one’s expertise.  Today, more than ever before however, professionals are turning to the certification route to quickly gain a competitive edge.  

In fact, a recent study conducted by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce found that:

Evidence-based means applicants provide evidence their solutions or work were effective, produced or led to meaningful changes in behavior, and resulted in improved performance. By demonstrating evidence of competencies, learners can earn a Training Clinic certification. This demonstration may be met through a number of methods including: completion of a project, essays, discussions, demonstrations and/ or documentation of various previous learning and work experiences and outcomes of improved performance.

Applicants describe their learning process, experiences and results their work was expected to accomplish. They submit testament from clients that the descriptions accurately reflect their work and the results achieved. The documentation then goes through a double-blind review by our team of Certified Master Facilitators who have been trained as reviewers. Applicants whose work does not demonstrate the standards are given feedback. Those whose work does demonstrate the standards are awarded certification.

This benefit is only available with the Basic, MembershipPLUS, Advanced, and Premium benefits package.