Interactive Video: Ensuring Happiness at Work

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Ensuring happiness
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We have reached a unique time in history where no longer can we increase working hours and workloads expecting to maximize productivity and engagement. We can do better though – in a way that is both “good for people and good for business.”

Contrary to what most of us have been told, our Success and Happiness formula is backwards. When we put happiness first everything changes. The science proves it. Want engagement? Want business success? Start with happiness. And sustain it.

How do you do that? How do you raise happiness levels for the long term? How can you ensure happiness?

We know that by immersing our organizations in the practical application of positive psychology we can raise levels of happiness… but information alone is not transformation.

If you want to truly sustain positive change, you have to understand how to create it well enough to replicate it and to teach it to others. Companies and leaders that heed this knowledge will be leading flourishing businesses of the future.

In this webinar Shawn Achor and Gary Baker President of Nationwide Brokerage Services (Insurance Intermediaries Inc.) discuss the impact since being featured in Training magazine’s 2014 conference edition. By reviewing what has worked, what has been learned and finally what else is being done, Gary and Shawn provide real life examples of happiness efforts taking root.

In this interview you’ll learn:

How one organization is creating sustainable business outcomes and ensuring happiness by embedding positive psychology into its work routines
The latest in research findings on the application of positive psychology in the workplace
The leader’s role in getting our brains and organizations to move towards both positive and engaged


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