Interactive Video: The Battle of the PowerPoint Authoring Tools

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The battle of the ppt
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There is a whole classification of eLearning development tools that install themselves as new ribbons in PowerPoint. They include some very popular tools:

  • Adobe Presenter
  • Articulate Studio
  • iSpring Suite
  • Microsoft Mix
  • Trivantis Snap!
  • Zenler Studio


Are there any real differences between these tools? If so, do any of those differences lead to a clear-cut winner in the mix? Which tool will best serve your needs? PowerPoint add-in development tools do not address every eLearning need but in many cases can be the perfect solution to designing and developing an eLearning course, especially when time is of the essence and budgets are very tight.

It's important to know what each of these tools offers you, especially where the differences lie, because the differences can make all the difference between delivering really good eLearning or boring, bad eLearning. If you're going to use a PowerPoint add-in tool, are you sure you're using the correct one for your particular needs? Come and find out.


  • When to use PowerPoint eLearning development tools
  • How these tools work in PowerPoint
  • What the differences are between these tools
  • How to determine which is the best tool for you


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