Interactive Video: Captivate Features, Tips and Tricks That You MUST Know!

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It's easy to get started with Adobe Captivate but there's a lot of power under the hood! Some features are not well known but the more you know them, the better your instructional design will be. Using the layers of sophistication of these features means you will save a lot of time, deliver more engaging and personalized learning, and be able to tap into resources more easily. Joe Ganci, a Certified Adobe Captivate expert, and Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, an Adobe Evangelist, will take you through the Captivate features you need to make the most of this powerful tool.

These are the kinds of features that experts use all the time and novices tend not to know, allowing experts to do more in less time and get all the praise. You deserve that praise too, don't you?

Ready? Let's go! Here is some of what you'll be able to do:

1. Maintain your lessons now and in the future without a lot of extra work
2. Use Captivate's built-in options for delivering your learning to more than one language
3. Extend Captivate’s capabilities beyond the obvious
4. Take advantage of little-known features to work faster and with fewer errors


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