Interactive Video: The Mental Game of Project Management: The Math of Project Lies

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The mental game
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Pretend Lou just asked you how long it would take to you to design a job aide to support the new Hands-Only CPR process for your company. What would your answer be? Would you need more time to answer? Would you quickly Google to see what else is available or wing it on your own? And once you told me the number would it be how long it would take you uninterrupted or how long it will take you on the calendar given your present workload? In other words, if you said 2 hours would I get the job aide in 2 hours or two weeks from now when you have time to work on it?

At the Training 2015 Conference, Lou will be facilitating the Project Management Simulation clinic. In this simulation, learners will prove to themselves the danger of guessing numbers and calling them facts. In this preview webinar, Lou will share some of the more common ways projects are hampered by a guess multiplied by another guess. You'll also learn how to schedule work without guessing.

During this session you will laugh and learn about:

  • The Lies we tell ourselves during our projects that prevent success
  • The Lies our customers believe that prevent success
  • The Lies our stakeholders and executives believe that prevent success
  • How to eliminate guessing and just work back from the date

As always, we believe that Bad News Early is Good News. Join Lou in this webinar to preview her Project Management Simulation being held 2/9-11 at Training 2015 in Atlanta.


President and CEO , L+EARN and Russell Martin & Associates