Interactive Video: Show Your Work: L&D's New Frontier

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Show your work
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The complaints are familiar: Traditional means of managing organizational knowledge – in reports, status meetings, and standard operating procedures – just don’t work very well. We amass piles of documentation yet can’t find what we need when we need it, we find out too late that a task was already accomplished, better, by someone in another organizational silo, we spend hours never finding the information we’re looking for.  
"Working out loud" (also known as "narrating work" or "showing work") is an increasingly-easy way of overcoming a lot of these problems.
L & D is uniquely positioned to help in the effort, supporting workers with new tools and techniques for sharing tacit knowledge, building bridges between talent pools, sharpening communication, and helping organizations build better maps of work and activities.  This session explores some approaches to showing work -- and how L&D can help.


Jane bozarth
Author, Social Media for Trainers

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