Interactive Video: Performance Improvement - How Savvy Managers Created Measurable Change

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    Improving Performance


Annual performance reviews are a given in business. What is not a given is timely and meaningful feedback throughout the year. Yet research shows that providing ongoing feedback in smaller chunks, while situations and circumstances are still fresh in the employee’s mind, is more effective than a one hour meeting once per year.

Savvy managers know that frequent contact, recognition, and encouragement with honest and direct feedback regularly produce higher performing employees. Communication with simplicity, a focus on the future and support for employee self-tracking is a winning combination that yields measurable change.

In this workshop, learn how to:

  • Improve performance through honest and effective feedback
  • Create measurable change through consistent and positive feedback
  • Implement employee self-tracking of progress toward goals
  •  Mitigate roadblocks to personal improvement
  • Use coaching strategies to enhance performance.


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