Interactive Video: How to Develop Great Online Video Training Programs

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How to develop great
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    Designing Programs


We know bite-sized video works to deliver highly effective, targeted learning content and resources to employees. We also know that with the right approach to delivery (mobile!), bite-sized video has the potential to live up to the long promised “anytime, anywhere” learning capability of online training.
The challenge many organizations are now confronting is how to develop customized content to deliver their unique subject matter expertise to employees and maybe even customers in an effective video format.
In this session, you will learn the art and science of developing customized online training videos. Adult learning theory, brain science and memory feedback loop are the foundational principles we’ve relied on for years - and they are still more important than ever! We’ll take these foundational principles and bring them into line with current technology and video capability to help us create, development and then deliver online training videos that work better than any type of online training that’s come before.


Chris osborn
Vice President of Organizational Strategy, BizLibrary