Interactive Video: 3 Key Strategies to Engage and Retain New Hires in 2015

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3 key strategies
  • Path to Expertise
    Delivering Training


Only 44% of employees believe their employer does a good job bringing new employees into the organization. Onboarding is the process of transforming a new hire into a fully functioning, integrated member of the team. Proper onboarding provides not only the ‘rules of the road,’ but also clear expectations in terms of behavior and interaction with management, customers, and other employees.

What we’ll cover:
  • What is Onboarding and a quick look at pre – employment trepidation
  • Early employee engagement and the dividends
  • Proper hiring selection: the right hire
  • Pre-boarding & onboarding best practices
  • 3 key strategies to retain and engage new hires in 2015
  • Early engagement best Practices and the most impactful drivers


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