Interactive Video: From Hostile to Productive Learning: Making Compliance and Technical eLearning Meet Learners' Needs

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From hostile to productive learning
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Many trainers and designers are reluctantly giving in to the administrative (cover my back) tasks of ensuring that learners click all pages to show compliance and certification from elearning courses. A true case from a client attests to this: "We don't care if learners learn as long as they show proof they read 9,000 words worth through page clicking."

This is proof of a very hostile learning environment. As a result, learners do not learn thus, creating a bad experience with elearning courses.

The challenge we face is how to organize our elearning so we have the capacity to show proof of compliance and certification, while making it a productive learning environment. The approach is Combo Learning-Compliance Design.

Topics covered:

  • What is the root cause of the differences we see between compliance/technical certification courses and learning courses?
  • What are lawyers, HR and government agencies, and certification agencies looking for in compliance audits?
  • How do you design long and very legalese and technical learning requirements considering the need of learners' for content relevance, usefulness and engagement?
  • What steps and techniques must be employed during interviews of SMEs and experts to redesign and balance learning design with compliance requirements?
  • How do you persuade top management, certification reviewers and approving executives that your Combo Learning-Compliance Design meets their demands

Attend the webinar and view cases and illustrations.