Interactive Video: Why Context is King, Not Content - And What to do in Learning Design

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Why context is king
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Learners are constantly on the go and demand rapid, short and instant learning tools to perform on the job. Whether participating in structured courses or informal learning, they want knowledge acquisition to be fast and easy. Their leaders and businesses allow less time for training and expect shorter learning time.

Most content are designed for DEEP DIVE LEARNING. However, learners' priority need is HIGH CONTEXT LEARNING to help them instantly find meaning and usefulness.

The webinar will share insights, techniques, methods and tools on how to help organize your content so you aid the learner to determine what to learn first and how to learn it faster. This increases the application value of the content so they are equipped to solve problems and respond to on-the-job demands.

Topics to cover:

  • What content is referred to as DEEP DIVE LEARNING? How does it impede learning and application of knowledge?
  • What do scientists and practitioners say about the impact of Context versus Massive Data Learning?
  • What are the case studies where context learning supersedes the value of deep dive content?
  • What are the key steps in finding, creating and adding context to your content?
  • How do you present and organize the context to aid in instant and rapid learning?

Attend the webinar and preview and download examples and templates.