Interactive Video: (Preview) - Developing Micro-Learning for Learners on the Go

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Developing micro learning
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What is behind social learning, mobile learning, AppleWatch, and other Internet tools?  These “access- anytime-anywhere”  tools and solutions are MICRO-LEARNING. It is  micro feedback, micro-application, micro-goals, micro-games, micro-exercises, micro-search and other micro forms. Micro-learning is an ubiquitous part of our day to day learning, but we don’t notice them. They are “hiding in plain sight”, blending with the background of our daily grind.

The challenge is that training, learning and performance support experts, specialists and consultants focus on BIG LEARNING.  Somehow they feel guilty when they design and deliver MICRO LEARNING because micro-learning is minute and hard to capture and produce. Furthermore, most of our tools, software, design process and delivery systems like LMSs are intended for big content.

This is unfortunate since there  are tremendous opportunities to optimize micro-learning: short, simple, fluid, easy to produce and at lower costs.

In this webinar you will learn the essence of micro-learning design, delivery and applications.

Topic coverage:

  • Why is instant, short and micro learning gaining popularity?
  • What are the drivers of micro-learning? Cases, examples and illustrations
  • What are distinct differences between big content and micro-content design and delivery?
  • What is the 6-Step Micro-Learning Design Model?
  • How do you find and win opportunities to micro-test your micro-learning?

Demos and examples will be provided.


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