Interactive Video: Developing 30-Second Perfect Learning Moments

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Pictorials, symbols, emoticons, visualizations and snapshots are 30-Second Learning Moments. However, they are challenging to create and construct because of pressure to deliver massive amounts of content. There is fear that our learners may not grasp what we want them to learn. This is the "They Must Learn All Content" mindset of trainers and designers.

Unfortunately, we are missing out on opportunities to help the learners accelerate their need for learning and engagement. There exists the tendency to ignore or overlook new opportunities for instant and micro learning moments.

Attend the webinar and download Ray's "Chaos in Learning - Story Book" - a colorful pictorial of learning in a chaotic world. This is only available for those who attend the webinar.

Topics to cover:
  • Why are snapshot images and visuals enriching to the learners?
  • What does research tell us about instant learning with hyper multimedia and highly connected "all-the-time Internet" behaviors?
  • What are the conditions where 30-Second Perfect Learning Moments accelerate the learning and application of knowledge and skills?
  • How do you construct a 30-second image and content from a series of key ideas?
  • What are affordable and easy to implement visualization tools and libraries?
  • How do you use 30-Second Perfect Learning Moments in sales, compliance, technical, procedural, or soft-skills type of learning?