The AI Advantage In L&D: A Strategic Guide
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AI is the way of the future. In fact, as you’ll learn in this paper, nearly 97% of L&D survey respondents say their organization is open to using it. But where can AI make the most impact for training teams and what solutions are available today? If these are the questions you’re asking, you’ve come to the right place.

Qstream proudly sponsors Training Industry’s report, The AI Advantage in L&D: A Strategic Guide, which offers valuable insights and actionable strategies including:
  • Insight into AI adoption & sentiment across L&D folks
  • A helpful, less scary, explanation of the type of AI that has taken the world by storm
  • The different training functions where AI technology can be leveraged for better results
  • A thorough analysis of AI for training content creation, a top use case
  • Best practices for implementing AI & pitfalls to avoid

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