Rethink Training with VIRTUAL REALITY & GAMES
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In the wake of a global pandemic, the world of education went virtual. As businesses reopened and hybrid or on-site work cultures made an exciting return from mid-2021, some virtual training opportunities continued their meteoric rise. L&D leaders witnessed greater effectiveness with virtual onboarding, compliance, procedural training, and other skilling programs. The training was better received by learners and training outcomes were far superior.

Virtual procedural training is today embraced by diverse industries—manufacturing, healthcare, high-tech, and beyond. Professionals who have spent decades in interventional medical device education believe virtual procedure training is here to stay. Thriving in the new digital setting, it offers increasingly immersive learning environments to a globally dispersed and diverse cohort of students. Similarly, in the manufacturing industry employees report increased safety awareness, and develop conditioned responses, problem-solving skills, and muscle memory—most often even before they are on the job! The paradigm shift to facilitating and receiving virtual procedural training today is undeniable and has opened new doors in training methodologies and learning environments.

Learning professionals new to virtual training may be wondering:
  • What makes immersive learning environments like virtual reality and game-based learning top the
  • charts for learning effectiveness?
  • How have companies capitalized on this trend?
  • What are the use cases and success stories of companies that are riding the wave?

This eBook will go on to address such burning questions. Comprehensively explore ways to implement games and virtual reality to make training immersive and engaging, and deliver better learning experiences for your learners.

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