Knowing Your Role - How to Get (and Keep!) Stakeholder Buy-In for L&D
eBook by Brainier

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Exceptional learning leaders are acutely aware of the importance of how learning and development is viewed, utilized, and measured in an organization. Often, they must act as a strategist, sales consultant, and publicity agent for the learning programs they create. Getting and keeping buy-in from the necessary stakeholders in an organization is crucial to sustainable L&D programs.

Ensuring that learning programs are relevant to the company’s reality requires an ongoing dialog with the key stakeholders. This eBook examines recurring goals, concerns, and opportunities that often show up with typical roles in the organization. We also break down ways to communicate the value of L&D that may ring true for them.

(This eBook is the third of a 3-part series that examines the early and middle and ongoing stages of using an LMS and the roles that stakeholders in learning can play in the process.)

In this eBook, we look at commonly recurring roles in many organizations, their viewpoint on learning and development programs, and how to get stakeholder buy-in on learning.

Topics include:
  • Aligning programs to broader, organizational goals
  • How to sell L&D plans to the C-suite
  • Appealing to line managers
  • Engaging employees in learning objectives

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