A Year-Over-Year Plan for L&D Leaders - How to Refine, Adjust, and Propel Your Learning Efforts Now and Beyond
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Creating and updating a resilient learning strategy requires ongoing attention and care. Thoughtful learning leaders are in constant pursuit of ways to create “stickiness” around L&D. They look to make learning opportunities that serve both the learner and the broader goals of the organization. As these programs mature, strategy takes center stage when considering possible refinements, measurements, and advanced and nuanced programs. Well-designed L&D programs can do amazing things for employee engagement levels as they welcome opportunities to develop skills and knowledge.

Learning initiatives are always evolving, like a flowing river. What worked for a company a year ago may no longer be the most effective approach due to changing goals, conditions, and methodology. Ensuring that learning programs are relevant to the company’s reality requires an ongoing dialog with the key stakeholders. This eBook dives into common experiences that learning leaders may have as their learning programs mature.

(This eBook is the second of a 3-part series that examines the early and middle and ongoing stages of using an LMS and the roles that stakeholders in learning can play in the process.)

In this eBook, we look at ways that learning leaders might adjust their learning strategy around development, deployment, and measurement as their programs mature.

Topics include:
  • Assessment of 1st year L&D goals
  • Gathering feedback
  • Crafting a plan for ongoing content acquisition
  • Utilizing subject matter experts
  • Program alignment

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