Proving the ROI of Your Training Program
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You’ve got a great idea for a new training program at your institution. It could be an onboarding program to curb employee turnover and increase satisfaction, or a leadership program meant to train up the next generation of your workforce’s change-makers.

Either way, there’s one thing you need before any training program can get off the ground: the support of existing leadership. One way to convince your leadership team of the benefits of a new training program is to show them the cost of not having one.
In this resource, you'll learn about the return on investment for training programs, you’ll discover: 
  • How to calculate the ROI of your training programs 
  • How to identify what your organization is losing without a training program 
  • How to maximize your ROI with training 
  • An ROI workbook that makes it easy to see your savings at a glance

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