Creating a Culture of Learning at Your Organization
By Leigh Steiner, PhD and Nellie Galindo, MSW, MSPH | Relias

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The inner fire is the most important thing humans possess.
– Edith Södergran

A culture of learning is relevant to any organization. However, the need for healthcare organizations to promote this is critical since evidence-based practices are constantly evolving and your clients’ well-being depends on your staff’s knowledge and skill.

To provide the best care and optimize health outcomes for persons served, healthcare leaders must tap into that inner fire within their staff and enable continuous learning opportunities. How can you tap into your staff’s inner fire and create a learning culture?

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  • What a learning organization looks like
  • The five main disciplines of a learning organization
  • Real-life examples of how a learning culture can be applied
  • Steps to sustain a culture of learning

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