2022 Survey: The Pursuit of E­ffective Workplace Training
Report | Emergn

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The challenges the business world has faced over the last few years have shed a brighter light on organizational vulnerabilities and opportunities to improve the way we work – none more so than workplace training. While most employees value the training they get in the workplace, very few — along with many leaders — believe that L&D programs are bringing the best results, prompting employers in every industry to think more strategically about their L&D programs.

In July 2022 Emergn conducted a survey of more than 1,200 professionals from the US and the UK to tap into the minds of both learners and leaders of organizations and discovered:
  • How workplace training is a powerful tool to recruit and retain top talent in an organization
  • Why there is a disconnect between learners and leaders on the effectiveness of workplace training
  • If leaders can showcase the results of workplace training to prove its benefits to employers

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