2022 Workplace Learning Report - How more effective workplace learning opportunities can empower organizations to fight the labor shortage
Report by Qstream

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The workplace in 2022 is at a turning point. Employee burnout is at an all-time high; employees are switching jobs (and even careers); and employees are seeking work cultures that promote flexibility and well-being. As a result, business managers are trying to improve employee satisfaction among the people they manage through new initiatives that improve retention, like offering new workplace learning opportunities to employees.

Qstream fielded a survey of 534 U.S. business managers across organizations in the financial services, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and life sciences industries in the United States to discover:
  • How effective workplace learning programs are currently—and where more work must be done to make them effective and efficient
  • How important workplace learning initiatives are to counter workforce burnout and attract and retain talent
  • If organizations are effectively measuring the impact or effectiveness of their employee learning programs