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For more than a decade, ELB Learning (Formerly eLearning Brothers) has helped learning and development professionals create better learning experiences. Growing as a company, and watching the evolution of the learning industry, they knew it was time to step into the future with a new name. Better learning experiences start with ELB Learning—and the resources provided to Training Magazine Network members.

Periodic Table of Instructional Design (eBook)

Better learning starts with solid instructional design.  We've compiled an easy-to-read table of key elements specifically for instructional designers.  Each "element" is organized into one of five different groups according to its properties and where it falls in the instructional design process.
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10 eLearning Game Tips for Instructional Designers (Infographic)

From storytelling to Easter eggs to boss battles, there are tons of ways game designers keep players hooked, and you could be using those same strategies in your eLearning content. Access this infographic for ten gratification strategies to try out.

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Access an Amped-Up PowerPoint Kit
Flex your instructional design muscles with a stunning PowerPoint kit that includes layouts, charts, interactions, and a scenario template with coordinating cutout characters and icons.  The PowerPoint template has pre-designed layouts and interactions that are great for adding stylish flair to your presentations.  All assets can be modified to match your branding.  Just put in your content and it's ready to go! 
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Heirloom Course Starters for Lectora®, Storyline, and PowerPoint (eLearning Templates) - A $798 Value!

Soothing vintage tones evoke the happy nostalgia of when times were simpler. Take your learners back to the good old days with an Heirloom-style course starter. It’s like a sepia filter for your eLearning. This complete template package includes layouts, click-to-reveal, process flow, knowledge check, conversational scenario, and quiz. The template files are below with font files and graphic source files.

  • Lectora Online Template File

  • Lectora Desktop Template File

  • Font Files

  • Storyline 3 Template File

  • Storyline 360 Template File

  • Font Files

  • PowerPoint File

  • Graphic Source Files​​​​

Lectora®, Showcase Courses That YOU Can Customize! Value: $1,399

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Introduction to Gardening

In this proof-of-concept project, experience a long-page scrolling course in Lectora. See how you can use the new scroll in and out of view action triggers to mimic parallax scrolling and launch unique interactions. This showcase course was built using the Lectora Heirloom Course Starter template.


  • Lectora Desktop File
  • Font Files
Game Board - 10 eLearning Games Tips for Instructional Designers

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10 Games Showcase

Roll the dice to move down the game board and find all 10 simple gamification strategies that instructional designers can incorporate into their learning. This eLearning game was created based on the 10 Games Tips for Instructional Designers infographic.


  • Lectora Desktop File
  • Font Files

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