Developing Great Leaders During The Great Resignation
By Michael Leimbach, Ph.D., Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. | Sponsored by Adobe

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Leadership Development in the Age of the Great Resignation

A roadmap to help organizations achieve a greater return on their leadership development investments by cultivating leaders who make employees want to stay.

Fueled in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, droves of employees continue to voluntarily leave their jobs. Deemed the “Great Resignation,” this exodus will continue for the foreseeable future, workplace experts believe. In a recent survey by Ecsell Institute, 25 percent of employees carry a moderate to high risk of leaving their jobs in the next year.

Leadership often is a critical factor in employee turnover. We’ve all heard the adage: “People don’t leave jobs; they leave managers.” While many leaders struggle to retain or replace employees, this is not true of all leaders. In fact, high-performing managers are four times more likely to retain employees than low-performing managers. The key is to discover what organizations can do to create high-performing leaders.

In this year’s Annual Leadership Development Survey Report for Training magazine, we uncover the leadership development best practices that differentiate high-performing organizations from other organizations and highlight the specific steps organizations can take to create high-performing leaders. The results provide organizations with a clear roadmap to achieve a greater return on their leadership development investments.

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