Developing a Digital Mindset for the Future of Work
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In the midst of the pandemic, the shift towards digital transformation accelerated—as did the seemingly permanent trend toward remote work. But new remote and hybrid office strategies make it harder than ever to manage productivity, cultivate personal connections, and motivate and inspire teams.

Today, managers and employees must rethink how they communicate, collaborate, and develop trust in hybrid workplaces. At the same time, it’s critical to understand productivity is now directly tied to the flexibility and satisfaction that people get from their work.

In this Idea Brief, featuring key points from a virtual event discussion with HBS Professor Tsedal Neeley, learn the critical elements that need to be addressed as we shift to a potentially permanent hybrid work environment:
  • Why hybrid environments require organizational flexibility and a centralized approach
  • Why cognitive swift trust and emotional trust are critically important for success
  • Why leaders must consciously decide which digital tools to use in different situations
  • Why regular team relaunches are an essential tool when leading virtually
  • And why it is important to get new work environments right as we prepare for the impending digital revolution

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