Next-gen Learning Methods: What to Choose, How to Use and When to Cut Them Loose
RedThread Research | Fuse

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The pandemic forced most L&D functions to throw out their in-person, instructor-led, learning playbooks and start asking, "How do I get all my learning online, ASAP?" Several months later, leaders realised that they might never get all their classroom training online, and what’s more, maybe that shouldn’t be the goal.

The ways people work are changing; the methods companies use to learn must keep pace with those changes.

Learning methods—literally, the ways people learn—are key to the question of how companies can enable learning and upskilling differently. Over the past few months, RedThread have investigated both the methods themselves and how organisations are choosing them. They looked at over 60 articles, hosted a roundtable on the topic, and talked in depth with 15 learning leaders.

This report outlines what they found, including:
  • An overview of learning methods and how they align to RedThread’s Employee Development Framework
  • How leaders are deciding (on a continual basis) what methods work best for their orgs
  • Real-life examples of how orgs are leveraging learning methods in different ways to help employees develop