7 Strategies to Improve Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion as a Business Driver
Brandon Hall Group | OpenSesame

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The world expects more than compliance. Through a partnership with research and analyst firm, Brandon Hall Group, OpenSesame has distilled the latest in DEI benchmarking and progress research; and created a seven-part white paper series that reveals seven strategies that transform your DEI initiatives.

Discover factors that connect within a DEI framework, methods for program longevity and employee action, and ways that leadership within your industry creates lasting and meaningful change.

Learn about:
  • Developing a holistic DEI approach that builds a culture to transform company connections
  • Establishing strong DEI values across your organization to maintain engagement
  • Assessing your industry’s needs and how to prioritize DEI efforts for robust and lasting outcomes
  • Ways to integrate DEI programs into your current and ongoing learning curriculum

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