Organizational Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning | Research Report

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In the fall of 2020, we surveyed our customers about diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Our findings reveal that leading organizations are getting increasingly sophisticated in their approach. No longer a side initiative, actions to create inclusive cultures are becoming more holistic, pervasive, strategic, and measurable.

But there is much to be done. Our research also reveals opportunities to close gaps between leadership intention and plans and the real-world perspectives and experiences of our people. Where is your organization on this journey?

This report will help organizational leaders:
  • Benchmark your organization’s progress on diversity, inclusion, and belonging against other global companies
  • Identify potential gaps between the views and actions of your leadership and the perceptions of your employees that can impact your culture and performance
  • Identify next-level actions your organization can take to close those gaps

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