Interactive Video: Gain the Edge: NO to Memorization - YES to Applications Learning

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Gain the edge
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Why do many of our eLearning and training programs get stuck in memorization and testing rather than the application of learning in actual job situations?

We are well aware that training impacts and performance on the job are what our senior managers look for. However, a lot of elearning and training fall short of this goal.

In this webinar, you will examine and explore the stumbling blocks to faster applications of learning. You will discover examples and methods that would accelerate your focus on learning that is immediately applicable in the workplace.

Topic coverage:

  • Why is there a lot of focus in memorization and testing instead of applications on the job?
  • What are the negative consequences in terms of costs, speed of delivery and effectiveness of learning design?
  • How do you investigate and assess if your programs suffer from “memorization and testing overload?”
  • How do you scientifically present to your leadership that there is a need for change?