Supercharge Your L&D Program Using Videos [What, Why and How to do it]
Guide by Animaker

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Corporate learning has gone through a paradigm shift in the last year. The global pandemic has pushed a majority of companies to start working remotely. This shift has throttled the learning and development industry into a new era of complete digital learning.

Today, corporate L&D is focused on employee engagement, capability development, and leadership nurturing. They also have the responsibility of ensuring that all employees are trained with the necessary skills to cope with the drastically changing work environment. From complex policy changes to optimizing the home office setup, L&D departments are providing training in a plethora of different topics.

To adapt to this new challenge, L&D departments across the globe are moving away from traditional learning methods to a digital-first learning environment. This new venture has shifted the focus from the trainer to the trainee.

Videos play a crucial role in the new corporate learning environment. They are the most engaging and creative learning tool in the digital environment and have proven to be the ideal mode of digital learning for corporate L&D as they serve to increase employee engagement, learning retention, and productivity.

In this guide, we will show you how you can supercharge your L&D program using the power of videos.

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