Solve the Learning Engagement Problem
eBook by Fuse

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Engaged learning is unlikely to be the result of an aggregation of courses selected from content providers.

The L&D department needs to stop only focusing on ‘courses’ (created externally of the organisation or wholly by L&D) and rather start partnering with the business. Tapping into tacit knowledge and SMEs in order to create resources and experiences which drive measurable value and performance.

This eBook aims to demonstrate the power of SME learner relationships in driving engagement.

Read the eBook and learn: 
  • What engagement with learning - and the process of learning - really looks like 
  • How tech can enable and support a culture of learning engagement and performance 
  • Real examples of how progressive companies such as Vodafone, Avon, Carpetright and Scandic build and maintain an army of engaged learners

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